Fashion Birthday Parties in New Jersey

We offer fashion birthday parties, sewing birthday parties for kids & teens in NJ, Fashion Design Parties, Creative parties for kids, see below for the packages we offer, or come up with a fashion birthday party idea we'll help you plan it!

Package 1: Project "THREADS" Wars

Fashion is your passion! Ages 8 & up The fashion birthday party guests are broken down into groups. Each group is handed a shopping bag with fabric, scissors, tape measure & safety pins. This is where the fun begins when these guests have 30 minutes to complete their unique outfit. Fashion show to follow.

Package 2: Hair Scrunchies & Accessory Party

Ages 7 & up The guests will choose for a large selection of colorful fabrics to design and make their very own scrunchie or braided belt. 

Package 3: Fascinator Party

Ages 10 and up

Create a High Tea Fascinator of your very own for your birthday party!
You and your guests will be given a headband and a foam head to create
their very own design. Hand stitch the tulle, buttons, and trim onto your fascinator.
Tea party to follow!

Package 4: American Girl Doll Party

Ages 7 & up
The guests will choose from a wide selection of prints and solid fabrics for their outfit.
Cut & sew the outfit together with a sewing machine.
Fashion show at the finale of the

Package 5: Design and Make Your Own Poncho Top

Ages 10 & up. The guests will choose from a large selection of fabrics, Design, Cut, Sew [by machine] then add trims or embellish the top.

Package 6: Create a Tutu!

Ages 7 & up
The guests will choose from a wide selection of tulle, ribbons, lace and flowers to design their tutu.
Your guests will wear their tutu in the fashion show at the end!

We offer 3 locations—Madison, Plainfield (Home Studio)

Or in your Home!


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Fashion Birthday Parties Details & Locations

Thursday Morning Madison Community House

Starting at $375.00 [10 guests]

Additional guest $20.00 each up to 20 additional guests. Address: 25 Cook Street, Madison, NJ. Includes party set-up [no balloons], location rental, drinks, Fashion Party package 1-7.

In Your Home!

$275.00 [10 guests]

Includes the party entertainment package of your choice #1-6.

Additional guests $20 each.

NEW: In Our Home Studio!

Starting at $350.00 [10 guests]

Additional guest $20.00 each. All party supplies included except for the Helium Balloons.
Space is limited to 15 guests.

Make a Deposit

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Party Costs

  • Head count due 5 days prior to party
  • Deposit: $200.00 non-refundable deposit upon booking
  • Includes: 90 minute party
  • Party set-up (includes plates, napkins, utensils & disposable tablecloths)
  • Drinks (bottled water and juice)
  • All specific materials & crafts
  • Clean up and organize party festivities

Additional Costs

  • Balloons (prices vary)
  • Healthy snacks, pizza, cake and other snacks we'd be happy to order these for you
  • Extra Party decoration specific to the party
  • DIY party favors and bags
  • Dairy Queen is an all-inclusive party.

Duck Tape the Birthday Girl!!

For an additional $100.00, the birthday girl can be duck taped at the party by her guests! We will deliver a duck taped mannequin properly stuffed and mounted on a stand. Choose between a white or black wood base. Timing 7-10 day delivery.